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Purchase individual lesson plans for $2 or save money and purchase lesson packs. All lesson plans are aligned with NAfME National Music Technology Standards. Lesson plans include links to supplemental handouts, rubrics, and other support resources where applicable. Lesson plans include step by step procedures as well as correlations with NAfME’s Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions for Music Technology. Lesson plans are print ready to present to administrators for evaluation purposes.

Choose Your Style

Choose Your Style


This lesson will explore some of the basic styles/genres of drumming. Students will listen to examples of various drumming styles (country, jazz, latin, funk, rock, punk, metal). The teacher will lead a discussion about the importance of the rhythms of the drums in identifying and establishing the style of the music.

The students will watch the Top Drumming Styles video demonstrating some basic drumset grooves as a class. The teacher lead a discussion with the class to identify some of the important distinguishing features and techniques that define each style.

The students will recreate one of the drum grooves on their DAW using either real time or step entry method or a combination of the two using their MIDI keyboard or pad controllers.

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