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Welcome to the Music Technology Teacher Network! Our goal is to to inspire, create, support and advocate for music technology programs in schools. We do this by providing resources for learning and professional development, curriculum and lesson planning, reviews for relevant web resources and software, advocacy materials and data, tips for equipping your music technology lab and forums for teachers to ask questions and share ideas and solutions. Our Basic membership is free and allows access to many useful areas of the resource and we also offer a Premium membership that opens full access to the website and our step by step lesson plan library and mutechteachernetPros who will be posting useful blogs, webinars and are available to answer questions and suggest ideas. We will be regularly adding new content to the site and would encourage you to contact us with suggestions to improve the site or if there are any particular areas of support that we can add to help you create an innovative, vibrant and creative music technology program in your school.

Best wishes to you and your students!

Heath Jones, Executive Editor & Founder

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