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The latest from the Music Technology Teacher Network pros.

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Conference Sessions, Professional Development, Consulting

If you would be interested in having one of our mutechteachernetPros present for a conference session, professional development program or for consulting, please contact us using the link in the navigation bar. Available sessions include:

  • Curriculum development and the NAfME standards for music technology
  • Ideas and resources for developing lesson plans and instructional activities in the music tech classroom.
  • Developing cross-curricular and project based learning units in the music tech classroom.
  • What exactly is Music Technology and how do I teach it?
  • Makey Makey projects to bring STEAM into the music tech classroom.
  • Using Soundtrap as a powerful, creative and collaborative learning tool.
  • Breaking the paradigm, embracing the chaos and charting a new course for music creation.
  • Careers in music technology, there's more out there than you probably know.
  • 21st Century Skills, music tech has it covered.
  • Using the Google Classroom LMS to maximize organization, collaboration and efficiency in the class room.

We would also be happy to work with your school, system or organization to customize a seminar or professional development program to suit your needs.

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