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The MuTechTeacherTalk podcast series is available for subscription with iTunes Podcasts, Spotify and will soon be added to Google Play, Stitcher (Android users) and InTune (Amazon Alexa & Echo)


Getting ready to start the new school year!

This episode of MuTechTeacherTalk was created using the audio from a facebook live broadcast. The broadcast was in a modified Q & A format, so the interactive content from the broadcast has been edited out for the podcast version. The topics that have been included in this podcast include Goal setting and getting prepared to start the new school year, developing a philosophy of why we are teachers and what we are teaching, how to teach creativity, developing a philosophy of assessment and how to effectively assess creative work, and finally there are two segments about a few really great cloud based apps Soundtrap and Noteflight.

Links to the resources mentioned in this episode are listed in the show notes.