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Dr. Adam Patrick Bell & the Dawn of the DAW

Dr. Adam Patrick Bell is an Assistant Professor of Music Education in the School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. ​His current courses include: Music and Popular Culture, Popular Music Pedagogy, and Introduction to Music Technology. His primary areas of research are: ​DIY (do-it-yourself) music making and learning in home/project studio recording, music software/instrument design impact on learning, and (dis)ability in music. In addition to numerous articles written for professional and educational journals, he has shared his research and presented professional learning sessions around the globe. He also serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Music, Technology & Education and Visions of Research in Music Education.

He writes in the preface of his book Dawn of the DAW, “the dividing line between the traditional roles of musicians and recording professionals has eroded, inadvertently inaugurating a new music education paradigm… Dawn of the DAW illuminates the centrality and criticality of digital recording technologies in the learning and music-making processes of DIY-ers.”

It is my pleasure to welcome him to this episode of Mu Tech Teacher Talk to discuss his book Dawn of the DAW and the rapidly growing field of music technology education.

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Episode 3: Technology in the Band & Orchestra Room

My guest in this episode is Dr. Cynthia Johnston-Turner.She is currently the Director of Bands and Professor of Music at the Hodgson School of Music at the University of Georgia. Before her appointment at the Hodgson School at the University of Georgia, Dr. Johnston-Turner was Director of Wind Ensembles at Cornell University. Earlier in her career she was a high school music educator, taught middle school beginning instrumental music in Toronto and choral music in Switzerland. Both she and the ensembles under her direction have been recognized on numerous occasions for their musical artistry, promotion of contemporary composers from around the world and her innovative and engaging programming.

Dr. Johnston-Turner has been invited to present her research with teaching and technology, innovative rehearsal techniques, and service-learning and music performance at numerous conferences nationally and internationally. She has been published in numerous national and international professional publications and is constantly in demand as a conductor, clinician, and speaker in the United States, Australia, Latin America, Europe, and Canada.

In our conversation, we will discuss her experience as a Google Glass Explorer as well as her views on developing a culture of collaboration and communication in an ensemble setting, and her experiences and views on the potential impact of technology in the band and orchestra classrooms.

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Episode 2: The problem with music tech teachers...

The longer that I teach music technology to my middle school students, the more amazed I am at what they are able to create when I am able to get out of their way. The difficulty in creating an environment that encourages and cultivates creating is breaking down the barriers to creation. In my experience, most of those barriers are created by the teacher. In order to overcome these challenges, I believe that those of us who are teaching music technology have to allow a radical shift in the paradigm of how we have traditionally approached teaching. Let me explain.

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